Elva - Fashion Marketing Platform

Utilizing network expansion to generate incentive-driven customer growth.

Some aspiring brand founders only have time to acquire a few customers. For Elva’s brand founders, a few customers is all it takes. The model operates on the belief a little generosity goes a long way. The design empowers brand founders to make good customers great sales drivers.


Every customer is equipped to participate in incentives designed by their brand founder. Every brand founder orchestrates the prizes, terms, and quotas of their incentives. The final goal of all incentives is to engage existing customers to onboard new customers, expanding a brand founder’s revenue and market awareness.

Elva doesn’t take any percentage of sales for personal revenue or sell information. The only mission in action is to harness the power of loyalty, passion, and accomplishment into stronger sales. Many brand founders in business for themselves end up by themselves. Elva brand founders believe in themselves by believing beyond themselves.


Key Features

A back office dashboard that tracks customers’ progress with incentives, to indicate who is deserving of the prizes offered.

An affiliate code onboarding customers use to credit existing customers with the sales counting towards an incentive.